Patrick -

I had been using my old photo for several months and felt that it didn't do me justice, what did I have to lose getting a professional shot done I thought, so I got in contact with Andy at and booked myself in

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Patrick was advised to get a better shot for his Tinder profile, he knew the lighting could be better and now had a new cool look that he wanted to show, so it was time to visit

  1. No experience necessary - I had never been for a professional photo shoot before but was told that I would be coached to a great headshot Try it now!
  2. Choice of clothes - I was given some guidelines of what clothes to bring to the shoot, I brough a selection and was able to work with Andy to choose what suited me best Try it now!
  3. Retouching - I always thought retouching was something that models had done so didn't think it would be appropriate for me, but was surprised how just a few subtle changes improved the image whilst still looking like me. Try it now!
My previous picture had a yellow/orange tone to it, had a busy background and my expression looked very plain and didn't really show off who I felt inside

The new headshot has a really clean feel to it, shows off my new look and a confident and approachable expression.

A great new First impression

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Here we see the photo used prior to coming to us at Tinder Headshots - Stockholm

Lighting and expression showing confidence and approachability.